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ADJUSTABLE CIRCLE CUTTER - 37370 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by CraigH on December 10th, 2012
As with some HF items, you get what you pay for. This was $3.99. This is a great concept, and parts of it were well made. First the quality: The carbide tipped blades are nearly worthless, and made it about 1/2" into a test hole I was drilling into a kiln dried fir 2x4 before it smoked up my entire garage. For my second hole I attempted to cut a piece of 1/2 plywood. Wouldn't even do that. Blades are junk. This would work well on drywall or cardboard - probably not much else. Now, for the safety issue. The blades adjust out to change the hole diameter, and tighten with a Allen screw. I tightened them quite tight (so I thought). Put it in the drill press and turned it on. Two seconds later one of the adjustable blade holders shot off the chassis with great centrifugal force, seriously denting a nicer 4 foot level hanging behind my drill press. If it had come off towards me with that much force, it could have caused serious injury or maybe even death. It is unthinkable that there isn't a catch or some kind of safety mechanism at the end of those adjustable arms to prevent this from happening. Be very careful when you first use this item. Eye protection isn't enough - you probably need a flak jacket as well. Too bad for the safety issues and the cheap quality blades that barely cut wood. This concept is otherwise brilliant.
Review by txgunnut45 on February 16th, 2010
One of the best things I have bought from HF. Rockler sells something similar but want 16.00 for it! I only paid 5.00 and it is wonderful!

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