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BIGFOOT HAND TRUCK - 37520 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by dick_freebird on March 6th, 2013
Good tough frame, and about the shortest wheel life I've ever encountered - they rusted the rim right off the hub in under a year of sheltered outdoor storage. Fortunately HF puts replacement wheels on sale every so often.
Review by austin neuschafer on August 30th, 2010
have used this to move engiens and transmisions and occasional appliances.

the pneumatic tires make heavy objects that much easier to move vs solid tires. the tires need air occasionally, if this thing gets bump around the wheels/axle assemble will get bent and your wheels will wobble which is what happened ewth mine
Review by jpoarch on April 5th, 2010
I have had mine for a couple of years. Have used it to move heavy items around the yard and woods. Used to move family members. I don't know what I would do without it.
Review by Goomer on April 4th, 2010
For the money, a dandy hand truck. The big wheels get up stairs much easier than the smaller hard rubber ones. Its well made of sufficiently heavy steel and the powder coat finish is holding up much better than most of the HF coating.

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