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SAFETY GUARD FOR ANGLE GRINDERS - 45921 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on March 17th, 2014
Years ago, I made something like this for an HF angle grinder. Worked great, chasing down cracks in concrete, cutting for expansion joints, etc. I wonder where I put it... So, I'm tired of looking for mine and dug this out.

It fits the 4 1/2" grinder, but only if mounted straight out. That gives the absolute least amount of control possible. I started looking at where the mounting screws and bracket were hanging up on the grinder housing and through judicious use of a rotary file, removed just enough of the aluminum housing to allow the guard to mount where it should be and shows it to be in the picture above. I'm running a 1/16" cut off wheel.

The guard kit includes bushings to get the wheel sort of centered in the slot. The outer bushing (in my kit, anyway) is dead flat on the side that goes towards the wheel. That doesn't work, the bushing will bottom out on the flange below when using a thin cut off wheel. My fix is to chuck the flange into my little lathe and turn a rebate around the inside of the threaded hole. About 1/16" deep, maybe 1/8" wide. That way the flange will seat on the abrasive wheel, not the other flange - kind of cups over the wheel and inner flange. A rotary file will do the trick as well. You could grind down the inner flange, but I'd rather have more metal than less at this point. This is what supports the inside of the abrasive wheel.

All that done, it works well. Easier to do these mods than build one from scratch. This guard allows for a controllable straight cut and can be used with a straight edge with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

Review by OleDog on April 7th, 2011
Good safety device when using a cut-off wheel. Solidly made & has adjustable depth guage. There wasn't enough space between guard & cut-off wheel so the slot had to be ground (to prevent rubbing).

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