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Review by JonBoy470 on February 28th, 2010
Update to my previous review:

About two months after my initial review, the pump failed at the valve head. No longer made a good seal against any tire valve, and would deflate tires when attached. My attempts to "fix" it via the use of locking pliers failed, and I decided to cut my losses and return to using my 12 year old Campbell-Hausfield 12V pump.
Review by JonBoy470 on October 10th, 2009
The pump works as advertised. Cheaply made, but no worse than similar pumps from Walmart etc. I lubed the sliding rod with Super Lube, works very smoothly. My biggest complaints are that the hook that holds it closed when not in use has a tendancy to fall off, and the rubber feet (not in the pic on this site) got trashed and fell off rather quickly. Neither of these issues is functionally impacting though.

My pump gets a fair bit of use pumping up the tires on the neighborhood kids' bikes. It can take a 20" BMX tire from0 to 40 PSI in a couple minutes.

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