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Radiator Pressure Tester Kit - 65053 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Bigplanz on August 11th, 2014
Quite an impressive kit. I hada leak in a hose in the back of the engine bay. Reaching back there while the engine is hot and coolant is spewing wasn't an appealing idea, so I went and bought this ($72 after 20% off coupon). That's a lot of dough for something from harbor freight, but I am impressed with the quality of this kit. Heavy duty plastic for the screw on adapters and the 'push down and turn' adapters are metal inside the plastic cap. It was a struggle to get my particular adapter on, but it was air tight, that's for sure. Three pumps and I could hear the leak in the back of the engine. Didn't even have to get to 15 PSI to hear it. A little 3/8 hose on the IAC valve had a pinhole leak. Little hole, big cloud of steam. When I repaired it, I re-pressurized the system and found a slight leak at a hose connection. Ridiculously easy to find leaks now. Sure, it is expensive, but it works well, and is less than the $149 they want for the same thing at an auto parts store. Highly recommended if you need something like this and you are the 'fleet manager' for your family's cars.
Review by royesses on April 10th, 2010
Picked this up on sale - $59.99 and used a 20% off coupon - total cost $47.99
Includes many adapters. Not as high quality as the Stant models. The gauge is small but usable. The quick connect coupler actually holds pressure well. The pump requires quite a bit of hand pressure to get above 20 psi but is usable. Includes a large assortment of adapters. Too bad it doesn't include adapters to test radiator caps - the standard Stant cap test adapters will work with the full size adapter from this kit allowing caps to be tested. For the price a good buy.

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