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14" Heavy Duty Cut-Off Saw - 91938 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by raymero on February 9th, 2014
I have used mine to cut flat 1/4 " stock, Rebar, 4" channel, pipe. fence posts. You name it. But have not had much luck with HF discs, have had a few chunks break off & go flying. It does every thing I have asked of it.
Review by IsotopeJ on March 19th, 2010
I got this on sale, with a coupon, for $50. I've only used it a couple times, but it worked great.

If you're framing with metal studs, save yourself a lot of time and pick this up - it's faster than using metal shears IMHO.

In regards to Cheeptoolbuyer's comment: if you plan to cut a lot of heavy gauge steel (1/4" or thicker) get the horizontal band saw instead. I once had a bunch of 2" square steel tubing (1/4" wall) to cut, and tried using a nice 14" Makita - It took forever, the cuts weren't straight, and I had to apply significant force (you shouldn't have to apply much force with this tool). It's the type of saw - it's just not great for cutting thick steel.
Review by Cheeptoolbuyer on February 27th, 2010
Not too CHEEP when it doesnt cut well or last long! It does an OK job if you dont mind sloppy cuts. When you cut thicker steel, 3/16 and 1/4 in my case, the sheet metal bottom of the saw flexes while cutting. This lets the cutting disc cut unevenly so you dont end up with a 90 degree edge on your cut. The cut ends up like this \. In order to get this saw to cut at all, you really need to bear down on the saw handle. This leads to bogging down, creates heat in the cheap saw motor, and kills the saw.
Review by potatoheadman on January 24th, 2010
I have used mine 20-30 times and it still works fine. As expected for what you pay for. May not be the best choice if you do tons of metal work, but for average handyman cutting I think it's a good value.
Review by slorigami7 on August 16th, 2009
Another decent tool, works just about as well as the 14" Makita at my work, for about half the price. Typical Chinese crude, but surprisingly good.

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