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Review by bahhumbucker on January 17th, 2013
Poor design - save your money. The unit is unreliable, sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesn't. You have to play with the switch, unscrew/rescrew the end cap (where the switch is mounted) to get it to come on. The laser isn't bright, although I the line is thin enough. Other reviewers that refer to a line that is too wide are evidence tha there is a wide variation in quality. The biggest issues are that the thing has insufficient adjustability - meaning that once it's on (with screws or the double stick tape "puck" that is supplied) the position of the line can't be adjusted. There are ways around this, but who wants to re-engineer the mount of a cheap and unreliable tool? Waste of time! The angle of the line, though, is easily adjustable by rotating the bezel. The problem is that there is no way to lock it once it's adjusted, and it will drift. A laser line that won't stay adjusted is worthless - and this is worthless.
Review by axa on November 24th, 2012
The projected line is a full quarter inch, so if accuracy is not a requirement perhaps this device is useful where it cant be knocked around too easy.

Its very very hard for me to call a 1/4" laser line "clean" as the other reviewer did, perhaps i am too familiar with similar laser diode products.

But if you too are considering this item, you likely have a tool that doesn't traditionally have a laser line guide, then it can serve its purpose.
For as crudely as it is manufactured, i believe it to be adequate for such fringe purposes.

Rated 3 only because of my disfavor with the rather wide line projection.
Review by harborfreight8x12 on April 20th, 2012
This little laser guide mounts with high power magnets or double stick tape. Shoots a straight clean bright red light where you aim it. I use it on my Harbor Freight metal cutting 4x6 band saw to mark my cuts. Very long battery life if used only as needed. Batteries are included.

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