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Review by hank1 on January 26th, 2010
This small shaper/router is the same as those sold by Grizzly, Jet and a few others. So parts are readily available. It's essentially a copy of an old Delta 1hp shaper. I bought it on sale for $250.00 to make about 12 cabinet doors and it's done a perfect job.

Every review I read about these shapers said they are too underpowered to run horizontal panel raising bits which is what I needed to do. The throat is 3" in diameter so the largest bit it will run is 2 7/8ths. And that's a big bit. I used one of those bits and it did a perfect job for me. Never bogged down and made a clean enogh cut that no sanding was necessary.

My only complaint with this machine is that the fence does not have very much adjustment back and forth. However, I've looked at one of the old Delta machines at a local cabinet shop and it's got exactly the same amount of adjustment and even looks like this one.

I guess you could spend a lot more for a good router table but I couldn't justify the cost for what I'm doing. So I'm happy. All in all this is a steal at $250.00. The thing weighs 250lbs so it's about a dollar a pound. Good even by Chinese standards.

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