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STEEL MESH DECK WAGON - 38137 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on March 21st, 2012
Here's a HF item that I take for granted. When I first bought it and got it home it was one of those "what the hell did I buy this for?" things. Well, I use it constantly. It holds two large garbage cans so I can load them up from the back of the house and easily move them to the HF trailer to make a dump run. I just planted a hedge and used it to move the large arbor vitae plants and the digging implements. It gets used on those yard projects around the house to save making multiple trips to the tool storage. It gets used to unload the work van and set up for the next job. The tires originally had slow leaks like all small wheels seem to have. A good dose of Slime (24 oz. SLiME Tire Sealant - 95576) and that problem was solved. Over the 5 or more years I've owned it the powder coat is peeling off and it isn't pretty anymore, but still solid. The rubber cover on the handle finally failed and I replaced it with a piece of PVC plumbing pipe. It sits out in the weather, parked by the garage waiting to move something. Works great.

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