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4 Piece Left-Hand High Speed Drill Bit Set - 38180 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on February 16th, 2015
I've used these to remove numerous broken off bolts and studs over the years. Never had one break, but they do dull easily. Here's what I do: I soak the broken bolt of screw with Kroil (my favorite), I try to centerpunch the bolt or screw and then drill with a standard good quality (not Chinese) drill bit, the goal is to make enough of a dimple that the left hand bit will catch and start to bite. If the screw can't be drilled without wandering, I use a HF micro die grinder to make the dimple. What makes these left hand bits work so well is counterclockwise rotation of the bit. By the time I'm done screwing around with the screw, the Kroil has done its job, the left hand bit The drill bit catches in the dimple and the screw backs out. When the HF left hand bits dull, I replace them with American bits, I just have more faith in their quality.

What HF has once again done is introduced me to a tool that I never would have known existed if it hadn't been a sale item. I have never had an broken screw extractor work, regardless of the manufacturer. Left hand bits have never (knock on wood) failed me.
Review by gkring on September 18th, 2009
yes they are left handed and they are drill bits.
Very easy to break since the only time you need a left handed bit is to drill out broken bolts. These aren't exactly the quality of bit you use to drill out steel. probably better to invest in a couple quality sizes.

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