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Texture Paint Spray Gun - 66103 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by photoleif on March 23rd, 2012
This thing is super-fun. Works perfectly once you get the hang of it. Slop in slurry, hook up the air, get eye, mask, hair and whatever other sort of protection you have all situationed, and let 'er rip. The different nozzles give you quite a range of splatter patterns from big gloppy gunk to a fine mist. Secondary and approximately equal control within each nozzle's range is via the regulator handle. I was laughing the whole time I textured my drywall.
Review by Indy_500 on April 18th, 2010
i don't use this but my family does. my uncle borrows it once a month, we use it about once a year ourselves on peoples houses. THE THING FLAT OUT WORKS AWESOME FOR THE PRICE!

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