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2-in-1 Support/Cargo Bar - 66172 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by raymero on April 1st, 2011
I used a set of these to hang wall cabinets. Not one problem. As near as I can deduce the metal tab with the Shook is a positive lock.
Review by Goomer on January 29th, 2010
I haven't had one of these break on me yet, so far they have worked well. Not a great deal of clamping power, but adequate for my purposes.

I use them primarily when building a wall inside a building. I figure out where the wall is going, mark out for the bottom plate, then plumb up to the ceiling mark the top plate location and hold it in place with a couple of these so I can anchor the plate in place. They work very well for that and have a great deal of range.

My other primary use is to hold a piece of wood to the ceiling and staple on a plastic drape dust barrier while I'm finishing off the wall. They do that well without leaving any holes in the ceiling. The little pads pop off the round ball end too easily and I don't know why you would ever want to take them off.

I haven't figured out the S hook either.

Review by seagull369 on January 25th, 2010
Be careful clamping down in cold weather. I snapped the plastic trigger during the final pump last winter :(. HF honored the 90 day I think it had tho (and it came assembled correctly that time). The pads on the end aren't particularly "sticky," which requires you to increase the clamping force more than you should have to in order prevent your cargo from breaking it loose. For the $10 I paid, it's worth it, however.
Review by tjr on December 5th, 2009
Good idea, just don't get carried away with it. I broke the plastic clamp handles on my first one, will be a bit more careful in future. And what's the flat sheet metal piece with the S hook for?

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