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6" Dial Caliper - 66541 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on November 24th, 2014
I just read the review on the digital calipers and while I think very highly of them myself, the ones I use the most are these analog calipers. No batteries and sufficiently accurate for what I'm doing. Not as easy to read as a digital, but again, I've never picked one of these up and found the batteries were dead or dying. Cold weather doesn't seem to have an effect on them. They are well made, and if something happens to them, I don't shed all that many tears. I still remember the day I knocked my Starrett calipers off the bench and knocked them out of kilter. Actually these seem to handle such things better than the Starrett. They get me to where I want to go and do it with minimal cost and pretty much zero maintenance.

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