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Review by Bigplanz on September 30th, 2010
I have the 3 ton stands and keep them in the back of the van in case I need to get the van off the ground if I break down on the road. I picked up these 6 ton stands for $20 ($25-20% with a coupon). These are great! I use them when I have to support the rear of the van and can't get the 3 ton stands to extend up enough to reach a frame rail. I jack up the van at the jack point, then set the 6 ton stands under the van and rest the van on them using the frame rails. Very solid support, and since they extend 2 feet, they will reach the rail.

Makes changing the shocks on the vehicle much easier and they are solid. Chock the wheels, set the van on the stands, shake and push all four corners and absolutely NO movement. For $20, what a deal.
Review by fubared on May 22nd, 2010
Work great! Brake fluid makes the paint turn yellow :)
Review by jpoe on January 11th, 2010
Agree with other posts. Great value when you can catch them at 50% off.
Review by Fujisawa Rob on November 9th, 2009
Got these on sale with a coupon for $29. Also bought the little rubber pads. These are very solid. I trust them a lot more than the old 2-ton sheet metal ones I had. Highly recommended.
Review by stovall on October 31st, 2009
What a lifesaver!!! You can't beat the price anywhere, & the quality & construction rivals the name-brand models!
Review by gkring on September 18th, 2009
does anyone buy stands anywhere else?
How can you beat the price. I own 4 pairs

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