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Review by Goomer on June 25th, 2014
Saw sharpener #2 bit the dust this morning in a puff of blue smoke. I've owned this for about 4 years, haven't used it that much, but it did a pretty good job of sharpening chainsaw chains. I took #2 apart and found that the adhesive that hold the magnets to the motor housing had gotten hot enough to let go. The magnets hit and stuck to the rotor and tore the windings up and that folks is all she wrote. The housing never even became warm to the touch. It has no ventilation whatsoever. And honest, I wasn't running it long or hard.

So, I picked up Harbor Freight saw sharpener #3 this afternoon and it took about 10 minutes to get it set up and running. A similar, but different saw sharpener, the number on the new model is 68221. The mounting holes matched up with the mount I'd made to clamp the sharpener in a vise. The saw clamp mechanism has been improved(?), but the old one matches up and works with the new sharpener. Hopefully the motor is better put together than the previous.

Review by Goomer on January 29th, 2010
Years of filing chain saw chains, I jumped on this when it went on sale for about $30. The motor went up in smoke after it was well out of warranty. I took the grinding wheel and chain holder off it and bought another. Two chain saws with different size chain, I just swap out the holder and have a spare grinding wheel. I've never used an expensive version of this tool and have no need to do so. It does a very nice job, much faster and more accurate than the filing. It will pay for itself in short order by not having to buy chain saw files. If and when this one dies I'll buy another. A great tool for the money.

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