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Review by matt on January 11th, 2017   See Item
This stretch wrap is great for many things. The thickness of the plastic is substantial enough to take care of most tasks. The included plastic handle is nice as it grips the roll well and does not slip as you go around the objects. The 5" width is nice and easily manageable. It's just wide enough to cover things, but not so wide that it is hard to get stretched with on hand. I've used this for many things and the roll has lasted about 3 years.

I initially used it to wrap and consolidate small boxes in the attic. Then I started wrapping other things in the garage to keep things neat, like wood I keep around for small projects. Most of my use has been for wrapping yard tool handles. I wrap my tool handles to keep them clean. Wet clay soil seems to embed itself in the handles. Wrapping the handles with this disposable stuff prevents that. I also wrap the handles when I clean up along the property line as there is a lot of poison ivy. My wife is sensitive , so the wrap keeps the poison ivy oil from getting into the wood and onto the rubberized handles. All I do is unwrap the plastic and done! No extensive cleaning needed!
Review by Goomer on October 30th, 2016   See Item
In a word, "Nice". There are those rare occasions that I feel the need to measure something with more accuracy than I can get out of my calipers. I looked at the Harbor Freight website and decided that I wanted the set of three micrometers. They were out. This is what they had. It wasn't until I got home that I opened the box and realized that this is actually a digital micrometer without the batteries. It has all the vernier scales that I can never remember how to read, but below the knob you see on the side, what is called the "thimble lock", is a mechanical digital "display". It will tell you what the measurement is to within a thousand's of an inch. If I want more accuracy, I can go read the ten thousand's measurement from the vernier scale and add it to the digital display as the fourth digit.

For my purposes, this is perfectly adequate, accuracy is from my perspective and tests, perfect. It feels well made, has some heft to it. Machining and finish are high quality. It comes with a wrench to re-adjust to zero if necessary. The owner's manual is not much.

I hadn't realized it had the digital feature. I have some digital calipers, but invariably they seem to have a dead or low battery. I am very pleased with this purchase. I have a Starrett dial calipers that I dropped and nearly cried over. I think that sooner or later anything that you use will get dropped or knocked off a bench, just part of life. I will feel badly over this, but I probably won't shed tears.
Review by met2933 on October 19th, 2016   See Item
This has worked well for my intended purposes, i.e. lug nut, oil pan and so forth. It is pretty accurate. Wait till it goes on sale. I picked it up for $10.99.
Review by Goomer on September 30th, 2016   See Item
These are my "go to" sockets. I've got a large assortment of sockets and some socket sets that I've accumulated over the years. Some very good ones, some not so good. I've used these long enough to have a pretty good idea of which color socket to grab first without looking at sizes. They are six pointed, which I prefer. The plastic socket holder these are sold with isn't the most secure, I don't think it was intended as a permanent part of the set. But, its working good enough that I haven't seen fit to replace it with something more secure. I like the colors, they are kind of pretty and the color coding holds through the deep wall set I also own. I've seriously abused these, putting them on impact wrenches and breaker bars. No problems whatsoever.
Review by Bigplanz on September 9th, 2016   See Item
We would be living in dark times indeed if someone could screw up making a pair of pliers. Fortunately, these are perfectly functional and quite useful for certain circumstance where you have a stubborn nut to get off or something that you need to twist and put leverage on. Cost about $5.

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