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Review by met2933 on October 19th, 2016   See Item
This has worked well for my intended purposes, i.e. lug nut, oil pan and so forth. It is pretty accurate. Wait till it goes on sale. I picked it up for $10.99.
Review by Goomer on September 30th, 2016   See Item
These are my "go to" sockets. I've got a large assortment of sockets and some socket sets that I've accumulated over the years. Some very good ones, some not so good. I've used these long enough to have a pretty good idea of which color socket to grab first without looking at sizes. They are six pointed, which I prefer. The plastic socket holder these are sold with isn't the most secure, I don't think it was intended as a permanent part of the set. But, its working good enough that I haven't seen fit to replace it with something more secure. I like the colors, they are kind of pretty and the color coding holds through the deep wall set I also own. I've seriously abused these, putting them on impact wrenches and breaker bars. No problems whatsoever.
Review by Bigplanz on September 9th, 2016   See Item
We would be living in dark times indeed if someone could screw up making a pair of pliers. Fortunately, these are perfectly functional and quite useful for certain circumstance where you have a stubborn nut to get off or something that you need to twist and put leverage on. Cost about $5.
Review by Bigplanz on September 2nd, 2016   See Item
It was an excellent buy because it was free with a coupon. Retail is $2. The bits click into place in the metal shaft on the one I bought, and the shaft clicks into place in the handle. Nothing falls out when you turn the bits toward the ground. It has the four most commonly used bits, Philips #1 and #2, plus two slotted bits. I got it to keep in the car center console, along with my fire extinguisher and a multi-tool. These cover pretty much all the common problems you would have on the road.
Review by Goomer on August 22nd, 2016   See Item
I run into the rare occasion where I need to put a hole in something that just can't be reached with a standard bit. Or a hole in deeper than a standard bit is capable of. Larger diameter, I can make up something to extend the bit. For smaller holes, this just isn't possible. These will not drill steel. They don't claim to and I'm here to tell you, they will not. But wood, plastic, aluminum they do just fine. Compare pricing for similar bits out there and these really shine.

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