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Review by Bigplanz on September 28th, 2017   See Item
Works ok for light duty jobs. I have never strapped anything down with them that weights more than about 50 pounds, and then only to secure a load enough to keep it from bouncing around or shifting in the back of the truck. Put them over the bags of potting soil in the back of the truck, for instance. Still, they are super cheap and you can never have too many straps, clamps or ratchet extensions, so pick some up to keep handy for those little jobs that always come up. Don't use these for "mission critical" applications (like holding down the luggage on the roof rack of your car on a 400 mile trip).
Review by Bigplanz on September 22nd, 2017   See Item
These work fine. They are comparable to the ones you find on-line and at Autozone, etc. The main good thing about them is the price, of course. Less than $50 with a coupon. I have used them on my wife's van, my SUV and just yesterday on a friend's Aveo. Tip: be sure to fully open the connectors when you attach the fittings to the high and low ports. That way, refrigerant won't spray out. Then close the fittings, as needed. READ THE MANUAL.

These make diagnosis of AC issues pretty straight-forward, and can let you do a full vacuum evacuation and recharge if you have the skill set for that job. 5 stars if you catch it on-sale, with a coupon.
Review by rodeomgs on August 13th, 2017   See Item
Do not buy. Will not line up. Holes are off. Junk!
Review by Goomer on May 19th, 2017   See Item
A nice set of taps and dies, more complete than others I have purchased. I just finished tapping and threading some M12 X 1.5 threads and was very pleasantly surprised to find this set contained what seems to be a bit unusual metric thread size. I have a couple other sets and they did not.

The threads cut mild steel with a bit more effort than I anticipated, so I'm thinking these might not be the sharpest taps and dies, but they worked and the finished product threaded into each other and the original with no issues. My set is a couple years old and comes in the steel box/tray which I think I prefer over the newer plastic case.

I see the exact same set (brand name and all) for sale on eBay for a few dollars less than Harbor Freight is selling it for. I suppose the benefit of buying from the store would be if you have an issue with it, the return would be much simpler.
Review by Goomer on May 13th, 2017   See Item
I haven't used these as much as the lighter 1/4" hooks, but find these to be an excellent value. Can't touch these anywhere I've seen for this low a price and they have handled everything I've thrown at them. Tough hooks.

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