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Review by fatboy on September 28th, 2015   See Item
I have not yet used the dryer because of the fact that when the unit arrived at my house the top was smashed up. I called harbor freight as this is an online purchase only and the foreigner stated that I would have to send it back so that it could be reviewed or take a twenty dollar gift card. Because I didn't want to wait for two weeks I took their lousy card and told them I would never order online again. Hope this unit works better than their customer service!!
Horrible experience and now a nice, new, top smashed $475.00 air dryer.THANKS HARBOR FREIGHT!
Review by Goomer on September 27th, 2015   See Item
I use this together with Harbor Freight's 3-in-1 Jump Starter and Power Supply, this gets me through the power outages we see all too frequently. I'll plug into the power supply and have hours (a couple days, even) of a bright LED reading light and USB charging. Not silent, but not all that noticeable. Doesn't get hot, I'm not sure how many watts I'm actually drawing through it, probably around 25.

Right now its on sale for $19.99. I quick look on eBay and that's pretty much an average price. Put it together with a 20% off coupon and it becomes a real bargain.

Review by Goomer on September 27th, 2015   See Item
This is as versatile an item as I've found at HF. We have fairly frequent power outages where I live. I'll plug in a small HF inverter into the DC lighter socket and have hours of a bright LED reading light and USB charging available. And it jump starts car engines just fine.

The first one of these lasted about 7 years before the battery refused to take a charge. I just took it apart and looked up the battery number, thinking I'd replace the battery. A replacement battery is more than HF is charging for a new unit ($49) on sale right now. With a 20% off coupon from the NRA's American Rifleman magazine - its a no brainer.

I'm building a 12 volt chicken house door opener and will be using one of these as the power supply with the charger cord plugged into a 110 outlet. Least expensive 12 battery supply I can find.
Review by Stormin Mormon on August 26th, 2015   See Item
I use one of the steel ones for cleaning corroded electrical contacts. Does an OK job. Well worth the price.
Review by Stormin Mormon on August 26th, 2015   See Item
I got several of these free with coupon. Love em! They are sharp, and great for opening packages, and the mailers I get from Ebay items. I think they are well worth a buck. Free is even better.

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