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Review by hfwill01 on October 29th, 2014   See Item
Was very surprised at the quality of this knife. It has a very sharp edge and being stainless, will not mind if I drop it in snow or mud.
Locking varies from excellent to ok. I bought several of them as gifts and tried everyone before giving them away.
With a coupon for $2.99 from Inside Track, these were a steal.
Review by Bigplanz on October 28th, 2014   See Item
I got this because I had a dodgy battery that let me down in the parking garage one day. Couldn't find anyone to give me a jump, even though I keep jumper cables in the van. After I replaced my battery, I bought this for $37, on sale, with a 20% off coupon. It is a very basic jump-starter, and be advised it DOES NOT have an air compressor. That model is more expensive. Mine just has a little light, a 12V power port and a battery booster. Calling this a jump starter is a bit misleading. When fully charged, it has about 13V available power. When you use it, you hook it up to the discharged battery, then let it charge it for 5 minutes. You have to let the booster bring the battery up to a charge where it will start the car. Don't try to start it off just the jump-starter!

I have used it, as directed, on car that wouldn't start because the lights were left on, and it worked fine. Car turned right over, and the lady stranded in the mall parking lot was on her way. (She gave me $10, too, even though I didn't ask her for anything. Gotta love beer money!!) I don't know how well it would do with a deeply discharged battery, but it is worth having in the van.

If you get it on sale with a coupon, it's an excellent buy. Regular price, eh, not so much. Wait for it to be priced right, then pick one up. It's light, easy to use, and got the lady I helped out of a pinch. Put it on the charger every 6 weeks or so, to make sure it is topped off, and recharge after every jump.
Review by Goomer on October 26th, 2014   See Item
Everything Bigplanz said and then some. I have yet to find anything that causes these gloves to melt down. The long cuffs protect clothing and bare skin when using chemicals.

They are flexible enough I use a pair for working with my bee hives. After having tried several versions of "official" bee keeping gloves I slipped on a pair of these one day. Just what I was looking for.
Review by Goomer on October 24th, 2014   See Item
Just pulled a couple invisible (to the naked eye) metal splinters out of my tender flesh. I've had a couple versions of magnifying tweezers over the years and the larger of these two is by far the best. Quite precision pincers and the lens is adjustable up and down for focus. Stays put where it works best, but folds up tight for easy storage.
Review by busted_knuckles on October 13th, 2014   See Item
1/2 and 3/8 drive rails work OK
1/4 drive rails are useless - you need to push the sockets on hard enough that it bends the sheetmetal tangs, which then fall off the rail

The entire set is not deburred well and the tangs are a bit sharp to be moving around when sockets are not attached.

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