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Review by Goomer on August 22nd, 2016   See Item
I run into the rare occasion where I need to put a hole in something that just can't be reached with a standard bit. Or a hole in deeper than a standard bit is capable of. Larger diameter, I can make up something to extend the bit. For smaller holes, this just isn't possible. These will not drill steel. They don't claim to and I'm here to tell you, they will not. But wood, plastic, aluminum they do just fine. Compare pricing for similar bits out there and these really shine.
Review by Goomer on August 5th, 2016   See Item
Thought I'd add to my previous review. I had heard or assumed that it wasn't possible to spot weld aluminum, then somewhere I ran across a suggestion that if the aluminum is sandwiched between two pieces of steel the aluminum can be spot welded. I just tried it. And it works.

Two scraps of thin (.035) aluminum, not cleaned up or sandpapered or any prep. By themselves, the welder just blew a hole through the two pieces. They are together, but it isn't a spot weld. When I put two small pieces of broken bandsaw blade (that's what I had handy) on the top and bottom, the aluminum welded together beautifully. I'm all excited, this expands the potential for this tool, at least for me. I thought it worth another review. An excellent tool is even better.
Review by Bigplanz on July 31st, 2016   See Item
Great for driving spikes through 6x6 landscape timbers. Drill a pilot hole first, of course, the drive the spike into the timber under the one you drilled the hole in. Longer handle makes it easier than with a 4 pound drilling hammer. Bang, bang, bang!! And the spike is in there.

Got it for $8 with a coupon. How can you beat that?
Review by Bigplanz on July 31st, 2016   See Item
Works as expected. BANG! and something stuck moves. Hammer is well balanced, handle comfortable.
Review by JonBoy470 on July 19th, 2016   See Item
This meter (and the essentially identical 98025 and 69096) are routinely available as a free gift via HF coupons. If you have an accurate reference voltage source, voltage readings can be further dialed in via a trim pot inside the unit, but I've found them well dialed in right out of the package. The accuracy is pretty good for such a cheap unit. The leads are the weak link, and most likely point of failure.

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