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Review by Bigplanz on July 1st, 2016   See Item
It is rated at 10K pounds. I question this. I have seen similar (exactly the same) D ring hitches on Amazon rated at 5K. This seems more accurate. The D ring that comes on it is pretty small. A 3/4 inch bow shackle with a 7/8 inch pin will NOT fit on this. Pin size on this is 5/8 inch. I keep it in the SUV in the event I have to pull someone with a receiver but no hitch. The one I have on my SUV is a Tuff Built, solid steel, 10K rated hitch with a standard 3/4 inch bow ring, 7/8 inch shackle. Many orders of magnitude more robust. I guess this one is worth the $8 I gave for it, but know what you're buying.
Review by Bigplanz on June 19th, 2016   See Item
It worked. Good solid connection. Melted at a pretty low temperature so it should be fine for electronic applications.wdg6
Review by Bigplanz on June 19th, 2016   See Item
For about $4 and once a year or two use, it is perfectly fine. If you do a lot of soldering (on electronics, which is the only real application for this) you'll want something better. For what I needed (soldering a connection on a PCB from an instrument cluster) it was fine. I will (probably) never need to use it again. It does have interchangeable tips though, which increases its potential use.
Review by Bigplanz on June 15th, 2016   See Item
I have a 2000 Lincoln Navigator, and like its siblings of that era (F-150, F-250, Expedition) it had the 'now you see it, now you don't' electronic odometer. A real pain in the a** not to mention annoying. If you have state inspections or emissions testing, you can't get your vehicle passed without an odometer. Most shops won't "repair it" they will only replace the whole instrument cluster. Many $$$ to do this. I researched it on youtube, went to a salvage yard and checked out how hard to pull a cluster from an old navigator. Ridiculously easy to get it out. You have to solder a connection on the circuit board to repair the odometer. Very tiny connections. I bought this thing and it was a god send. Position the board, turn on the light right on what I needed to solder, and there it was. Very, very helpful to hold the work piece in place and put light right where I needed it. For my application, the 6x magnifier worked great. This thing is great! And CHEAP!!! With a coupon, less than $8. My odometer now works perfectly. Highly recommended.
Review by Bigplanz on June 13th, 2016   See Item
For less than $4, hey, it's a hitch pin. It works as expected. I bought it to have an extra for when I rent a hitch (or pick one up at a flea market) that has no pin.

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