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Review by Goomer on March 18th, 2015   See Item
Bought a pair of these years ago just because they were on sale and I might have a use for them someday. That day was yesterday. Removing a tempered glass greenhouse panel (sliding glass door glass), I needed a way to pull it out of the space it had been in for 30 or so years. Working by myself, so no one to push the glazing out for me to catch it. No way to get ahold of the edges.

For once, I knew exactly where something was. Grabbed the two suction cups, still in the boxes, cleaned the glass off a little and they worked perfectly. Jiggled and pulled the glass a bit and lifted it right out. Probably 8 years sitting on the shelf, there was no visible deterioration of the rubber, they looked brand new, which they were. Glad I had these around.
Review by jbloe on March 14th, 2015   See Item
I bought mine 10 2011. In addition to the batteries included I added a 6 volt 4.5 AH battery from Amazon in line with the batteries.. It still works. In very cold weather the motion detector does work well.

Mine was installed inside a shed so the light itself has not been exposed to weather.
Review by royesses on March 10th, 2015   See Item
Purchased this on sale with a 25% off coupon. I replaced the one hung lo blade with a lenox. I also pulled the motor to check the gears before use. While there was grease in it, I cleaned it out and packed it with moly grease. The saw works great. Cuts through 1" 304 stainless and 1" 4130 very quickly. 3" 6062-T6 was no problem at all. My son and I really like it, saves a lot of elbow grease compared to a manual hacksaw. Out the door price was $40.00 a great buy.
Review by royesses on March 10th, 2015   See Item
No complaints on this clamp. does what it is supposed to do and is inexpensive. I've got two and will purchase at least two more. Good value.
Review by alphamale on March 9th, 2015   See Item
I love mine.

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