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Review by JonBoy470 on July 19th, 2016   See Item
This meter (and the essentially identical 98025 and 69096) are routinely available as a free gift via HF coupons. If you have an accurate reference voltage source, voltage readings can be further dialed in via a trim pot inside the unit, but I've found them well dialed in right out of the package. The accuracy is pretty good for such a cheap unit. The leads are the weak link, and most likely point of failure.
Review by Goomer on July 16th, 2016   See Item
A fairly versatile assortment of tool bit blank stock for a very reasonable price. No where can I find the sizes listed, so from one of the packages of these I've purchased I see:
1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" X 2 1/2" long square stock
1/4" diameter X 2 1/2"
1/16" X 1/2" X 4 1/2" parting tool stock

The steel is good quality, finish acceptable, and the price below similar I've seen other places.
Review by Goomer on July 16th, 2016   See Item
I've used these for years and been happy with them. They now are packaged in 3's, not a six pack, but still the same good quality bottle. They resist any and all solvents I have subjected them to and not a problem. They do eventually lose some of the more volatile contents, evaporate through the bottle, I guess so they aren't really suited for long term storage of such things. But for short term, say lacquer thinner in a squeeze bottle to clean out a spray gun - perfect. I keep a mix of blackberry killer and diesel fuel for spot killing of blackberries - cut them off close to the ground, dribble a little of this on them and the blackberry plant is history. Other bottle eventually disintegrate with this mix, these have not.

The little red "twist cap" is really just a plastic thimble thing that sort of snaps over the nozzle. These get lost and are easily replaced with a suitable sized wire nut.

I think they are overpriced, but when I look at other sources they don't seem nearly so bad. For some reason empty bottles are pricey. My attempts to use other squeeze bottles from say, dish washing soap break down eventually.
Review by Bigplanz on July 1st, 2016   See Item
It is rated at 10K pounds. I question this. I have seen similar (exactly the same) D ring hitches on Amazon rated at 5K. This seems more accurate. The D ring that comes on it is pretty small. A 3/4 inch bow shackle with a 7/8 inch pin will NOT fit on this. Pin size on this is 5/8 inch. I keep it in the SUV in the event I have to pull someone with a receiver but no hitch. The one I have on my SUV is a Tuff Built, solid steel, 10K rated hitch with a standard 3/4 inch bow ring, 7/8 inch shackle. Many orders of magnitude more robust. I guess this one is worth the $8 I gave for it, but know what you're buying.
Review by Bigplanz on June 19th, 2016   See Item
It worked. Good solid connection. Melted at a pretty low temperature so it should be fine for electronic applications.wdg6

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