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Review by sahern on May 15th, 2016   See Item
I'm on tire number 4 in 2 years! They split along the "tread" and then the tube blows out. Absolute crap! Buy this cart and you're stuck because it has a 3/4" axle and this is the ONLY tire available. Would not have bought the cart if I had any idea this would happen. HB will not see much, if at all, in the future.
Review by Bigplanz on May 13th, 2016   See Item
It's a little bit on the wobbly side, so don't put any vibrating equipment on a table supported by it. However, it works great to make a temporary table next to a car you're working on. Put tools, parts, etc. on the table right next to you for easy access. I wouldn't put anything heavy on it. 200 pounds? No way. Maybe a 100, max. Even then, I only put something like a tool box or socket set on it. Nothing more than 50 pounds. Still, worth the $16 I gave for it. Tip. Go get some extra washers and lock nuts. The supplied hardware is only adequate.

Works great for yard sales and in the laundry room too. Wife won't give my original one back, so I bought another for the garage.
Review by Bigplanz on May 13th, 2016   See Item
The legendary HF $25 belt sander. It does it all: sand, then sand some more. Then MORE! I can't kill it. Had it for about 5 years. Don't use it often, but when I do, it is used hard. The 60 grit belt will take off a lot of stock fast, so go slow, think twice. Put a less coarse belt if you don't want to take off 1/16 of an inch per pass. I am sure it is far superior to every other belt sander made. It gets stuff done, though. Plus it was only $25!
Review by Bigplanz on May 2nd, 2016   See Item
Theoretically, they are foldable. Not really in practice though. Very sturdy, hold a great deal of weight. I have them more or less permanently located in the garage with a big work table on them (made of thick plywood). I had to glue on the feet and glue the wood tops together when they started separating (delaminating) a couple of years ago. Not a big deal, though. I have had these for at least 8 years and have no complaints.
Review by Goomer on April 27th, 2016   See Item
The first of these was purchased to replace one that someone (like me!) forgot to crank up when they started to move the trailer. This was a fraction of the price of the original and they appeared and felt to be identical. A good replacement.

The second one was to replace one of those 1000 Lb. Swing-Back Trailer Jack - 41005 jacks. I couldn't move the Harbor freight trailer without the jack tweaking and twisting the trailer tongue metal. I modified the trailer and added a steel plate to accept this. Vastly stronger, the jack is now centered on the tongue.

The only downside is there seems to be little to nothing for a seal at the top of the jack. I haven't taken it apart, but it needs oil annually.

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