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Review by Bigplanz on April 27th, 2018   See Item
Got it open box for $20. I use it for automotive testing and it works quite well. Pulls a vacuum and will measure one, just like it should. I haven't used it to bleed brakes, but I am sure it would work fine. Tip: pick up vacuum pump adapters at Autozone to add to the ones that come with this kit. You will ALWAYS need the adapter you don't have so get as many as you can.
Review by JohnInSeattle on December 6th, 2017   See Item
I have three and use them often, they all still work and the tips are not rounded.
Review by JohnInSeattle on December 6th, 2017   See Item
I love all their power cords I have 3 of these and they all work fine after a year of continuous use.
They have lower cost ones at the warehouse clubs and I get them there now.
Review by JohnInSeattle on December 6th, 2017   See Item
No quality here. As usual lack of care and lack of assembly expertise pretty much ruined this product. There is a large bubble in the plexiglass window right in the middle of View and a scratch about an inch and a half wide running across the plexiglass window that must have been applied before it was assembled because it is down below the raised rim of the frame.
One of the side doors fit well, the other one had almost a 3/4 of an inch Gap towards the top, with a lot of pounding and a lot of bending I was able to get the gap down to something reasonable. Where the hoses come through the grate there were two sharp edges formed by the angles that supports the grate. both of these needed to be ground down and took quite a while. The hoses themselves were about a foot and a half too short and had to be replaced. The nozzle was poorly machined and the air jet did not line up with the inlet of the cone for the blast nozzle and just about had to be completely remade. Good thing I have a machine shop.
Review by JohnInSeattle on December 6th, 2017   See Item
It is far from a reclaimer, it is just a vacuum, there is no centrifugal action at all.
The hoses didn't fit (too small to force in) and the knocker on the side does nothing at all, it doesn't reach the vacuum cleaner filter inside and is nowhere near strong enough to dislodge any dust.
But it does move air and keeps the dust down.

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