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Review by brianowens on November 27th, 2014   See Item
Please bring this item back I would buy a couple of them if you did this has been a great socket set to I have had mine for several years with no problems I'd like 2 more one for hom e and one to keep in my truck.
Review by brianowens on November 27th, 2014   See Item
this is the best socket set I have ever bought I bought this socket set about 9 years ago and none of the sockets have ever broke on me and no the ratchets has ever broke on me I'm not sure if they still have this set or not but if they do I would buy two more of them wanted to keep in my truck and one to keep at home the other set I use at work
Review by Goomer on November 24th, 2014   See Item
I just read the review on the digital calipers and while I think very highly of them myself, the ones I use the most are these analog calipers. No batteries and sufficiently accurate for what I'm doing. Not as easy to read as a digital, but again, I've never picked one of these up and found the batteries were dead or dying. Cold weather doesn't seem to have an effect on them. They are well made, and if something happens to them, I don't shed all that many tears. I still remember the day I knocked my Starrett calipers off the bench and knocked them out of kilter. Actually these seem to handle such things better than the Starrett. They get me to where I want to go and do it with minimal cost and pretty much zero maintenance.
Review by roygpa on November 20th, 2014   See Item
I have about 5 of these, they all work well and are accurate enough for hobby work.
Review by Bigplanz on November 14th, 2014   See Item
A really good buy on-sale, with a coupon. I think I paid $15 for it. It is simple to use for three common tasks.

1) Test the voltage on a battery. It does this fine. Charge the battery first, connect the leads, you see the voltage.

2) Load test a fully charged battery to determine if it is holding power after a simulated 'start' with a 100 Amp, 10 second draw on the battery. I had a friend with a Subaru with a battery that kept losing charge. We charged it up, then load tested it. After the test, the battery showed in the green zone so we knew the problem wasn't the battery.

3) This device also tests alternators. With the Subaru running, the device showed only battery voltage, 12.4V. With a functioning alternator, it should show 13.5-14V. Thus, we knew the alternator was the problem. To be thorough, I checked continuity between the B+ terminal on the alternator and the positive post on the battery (disconnect the negative post first or your meter is toast). Since I had continuity, I knew the alternator was bad. A quick trip to the salvage yard, and $20 later, my friend had a working alternator and was back on the road. She was happy.

This thing works fine. Pick it up on-sale.

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