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Review by Goomer on March 17th, 2014   See Item
Years ago, I made something like this for an HF angle grinder. Worked great, chasing down cracks in concrete, cutting for expansion joints, etc. I wonder where I put it... So, I'm tired of looking for mine and dug this out.

It fits the 4 1/2" grinder, but only if mounted straight out. That gives the absolute least amount of control possible. I started looking at where the mounting screws and bracket were hanging up on the grinder housing and through judicious use of a rotary file, removed just enough of the aluminum housing to allow the guard to mount where it should be and shows it to be in the picture above. I'm running a 1/16" cut off wheel.

The guard kit includes bushings to get the wheel sort of centered in the slot. The outer bushing (in my kit, anyway) is dead flat on the side that goes towards the wheel. That doesn't work, the bushing will bottom out on the flange below when using a thin cut off wheel. My fix is to chuck the flange into my little lathe and turn a rebate around the inside of the threaded hole. About 1/16" deep, maybe 1/8" wide. That way the flange will seat on the abrasive wheel, not the other flange - kind of cups over the wheel and inner flange. A rotary file will do the trick as well. You could grind down the inner flange, but I'd rather have more metal than less at this point. This is what supports the inside of the abrasive wheel.

All that done, it works well. Easier to do these mods than build one from scratch. This guard allows for a controllable straight cut and can be used with a straight edge with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

Review by eagletrans1 on March 4th, 2014   See Item
We purchased this machine July last year 7-13 . it worked 3 times . contacted CS about getting it fixed . only to find out it had just a 90 day warranty . and talking to their tech line is useless . they tell me there is an 8 amp fuse in the system and it is no place to be found . when we took the side panel off the machine there is a busted cover on a pump and 2 broken wires going to the control panel . the machine will not power on and HF is not offering to do anything to resolve the matter .. i would not buy this machine . now we have an 1800.00 paper weight .
Review by Motorhead on March 3rd, 2014   See Item
I own almost every brand of tool box, as a mechanic all of my life I collect tools & tool boxes. I picked up the 72" tool box at Harbor Freight as just a garage cabinet due to the great price but once I got it home I found the construction & design to be better than "ALL" of my other brands, I have used it every day for over 4 years and have not had one problem.
I wish Harbor Freight would make a 72" top chest for it, I have a 56" on top now and am running out of room. I was thinking of buying another 72" lower and stacking it on top but it would be better to get the real thing.
Hey there Harbor Freight, you need to build a 72" top box!
Review by danthedsm on February 22nd, 2014   See Item
Sure the batteries don't last that long but I'm a realtor so i carry these so my clients don't accidentally swipe a good one from me. If they swipe one I dont even ask for it back.
Review by Goomer on February 21st, 2014   See Item
I needed an inexpensive set of spade bits for my work van. Bought these and never had a regret. Chucked into a cordless drill, they all have run straight and true. Sharp as they come out of the package, easy to sharpen when you hit that hidden piece of metal on a remodel job. The edge holds up as well as any of the spade bits I've used that cost many times more. The spur design cuts a nice straight hole, clean bottom, smooth sides. More than adequate for the job at hand. The plastic holder is tough enough to last a long time, not like some of the throw away holders.

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