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Review by Bigplanz on July 31st, 2015   See Item
Less than $9 with coupon. Tests power and ground at the same time. One light, power. Two lights ground. Very, very useful trouble shooting a dodgy circuit. Extend its range with some wire and alligator clips (or jumper cables) and you can reach anything. It isn't a Powerprobe III, but it isn't $75 either. Highly recommended.
Review by Bigplanz on July 31st, 2015   See Item
Bought it for the tach. I needed to be able to rev the engine to 2 and them 3K RPM for testing from the engine compartment. This worked well. It could use a smaller ohm range but all the readings were accurate. Well worth a little less than $30 for the tach alone. It has a temp probe, but I haven't used it.
Review by wjpantano on July 2nd, 2015   See Item
I used it to mill 2"x12" floor joists with and Echo CS310 Chainsaw. It was pushing the limits of the 16" blades capabilities, but with careful set-up it worked very well. Instead of a 2x4 I used a 3" wide Aluminum Stanley level that was 8 foot long. The most important thing was prepping your fence, and making sure you drew it straight through the log without tilting to the inside or outside, otherwise you won't get consistent width boards. I ended up with nice rough cut lumber using a ripping chain cut at a 10% angle instead of 37% like a standard crosscut chain. I didn't have to recut the timber or reface it.
Review by royesses on June 20th, 2015   See Item
Works ok and is accurate to within.3 degree. Checked Against my craftsman it reads the same, however the craftsman is much quicker to respond. Slow to zero, makes you think it is not responding to the cal button. Instructions don't say to hold on/off button for 3 seconds to shut off. There is no backlight, just standard LCD that would be better with a backlight. Takes 3 cr2032 batteries. He Igaging cube is much better for the same or less $.
Review by Orozcop on June 8th, 2015   See Item

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