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Review by sloweflier on December 20th, 2014   See Item
I added a primer circuit and switched to 90 octane recreational fuel (no ethanol), and now it starts on the first pull and runs fine.
Review by sloweflier on December 16th, 2014   See Item
Review by sloweflier on December 16th, 2014   See Item
Review by roygpa on December 16th, 2014   See Item
I have only used it once for a couple hours and it performed well. It does have problems with bigger logs with knots in them, but I just flipped the log and split what I could. For the price (sometimes available for as little as $249.99 before any discount,) I don't think you can beat it. If you are going to split logs for a living, you would probably want to go with a faster gas powered splitter, as time is money when splitting for a profit. had to add about a quart of hydraulic fluid, which I picked up across the street at Home Depot.
Review by Bigplanz on December 1st, 2014   See Item
The inflator I have doesn't look like this one. The one I have is model 69284, lists for $29.99. I keep it in the back of the van in case I have a flat or am low on air pressure. This is the 2nd one I have bought. The first one failed one day when I disconnected the air hose from a tire without turning off the compressor. It made a horrible clacking sound and wouldn't pump air after that. I bought a second one and have been careful to a) turn it on before screwing the hose to the valve stem, and b) turn it off before disconnecting the air hose. I don't use it much but when I need it, it's right there. It comes with a little case, a slinky air hose with a quick connect fitting on one end and a screw in valve stem connector. The screw in type is much appreciated, because you just screw it in and let the tire slowly fill with air. You don't have to hold the connector to the valve stem. It takes about 5 minutes to bring a 15 inch tire from 18 PSI to 35 PSI. The little compressor does get warm, though.

If you catch it on sale, with a coupon, it is a great deal. Treat it correctly and it should work fine. At only $20, I didn't bother with the warranty.

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